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Mastercollegeserie: Linear and planar motors for high-precision systems

  • Theory of electromagnetism
  • Voice coil‐actuators
  • Linear coreless motors
  • Iron‐core linear motors
  • Linear induction motors
  • Commutation and feedback linearization
  • Power amplifiers
  • Planar motors


After the course the participants:

  • Understand the models, properties, and limitations of voice‐coil actuators, linear coreless motors, linear iron‐core motors, linear induction motors and planar motors. 
  • Can analyze linear motors in the full mechatronic context including power amplifiers, controllers and mechanics (including thermal) aspects.
  • Can obtain the properties of a permanent magnet linear motor system from experiments.
  • Can select and model an electrical linear motor for different mechatronic (high‐precision) systems
  • Can analyze and comment on a scientific papers on linear motors.

Intended for

Engineers (TU/HTO level) electrotechnics or physics, who are or will be involved in (some aspects of) the design and engineering of Linear Motors.
This master lecture series is open to PAO Techniek students. Regular (foreign) students of the TU Eindhoven will attend the lecture series too. The lectures will be performed in English.

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      Mastercollegeserie: Linear and planar motors for high-precision systems € 1.690,00 excl. btw  
    Literatuur: I. Boldea, S.A. Nasar, Linear Electric Actuators and Generators, (optioneel) Dit boek wordt zeer aanbevolen voor gebruik tijdens deze collegeserie. € 55,00 excl. btw  
  • Informatie
    Cursusleider(s): Mevr. Prof.dr. E. Lomonova (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e))
    Cursusdata: Colleges vanaf de tweede helft november 2017 t/m januari 2018
    Dagindeling: 8 weken college in 2 blokken van 2 uur per week
    Locatie: Eindhoven
    Op het terrein van de Technische Universiteit
    Prijs: € 1.690,00 excl. btw
    In samenwerking met: TU/e, afdeling EPE
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