Master Black belt masterclass (online)

Key role in Six Sigma, Lean and reliability programs

De Master Black Belt Masterclass gaat in op het ontwerp van verbeteringsprogramma's, het managen van verbeteringsinspanningen en theoretisch inzicht in product- en procesverbetering voor Black Belts.

De cursus wordt in het Engels gegeven; de toelichting hieronder is daarom in het Engels.

Grow from project leader to driver of organizational development and expert in process and product development. Play a key role in Six Sigma, Lean and reliability programs.

Organizational development and continuous improvement have become crucial functions in modern companies – Organizations no longer compete on processes themselves, but the ability to continually improve them. Companies initiate improvement programs such as Six Sigma, Lean and design for reliability, but it is challenging to deploy such programs successfully. Master Black Belts (MBBs) and program managers play key roles in turning improvement programs into a success

From project leader, to driver of organizational development and expert in process and product development

The MBB Masterclass is a training in practical competencies in three areas: the design of an improvement program, managing the improvement effort, and theoretical understanding of product and process improvement.

The Masterclass aims to develop skills, and topics are offered in the form of interactive workshops based on video material and role play. Theory is brought to life by a case-based teaching method.

Target group

The Masterclass aims at experienced Black Belts and project managers who want to grow further into a role as MBB or program manager. Experience in a role as black belt or similar position is a prerequisite.

Certification as MBB

Candidates are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. The candidate is certified as a Black Belt by an acceptable certification party.
  2. The candidate has sufficient experience in supporting and reviewing improvement projects.
  3. The candidate has made contributions to the Lean, Six Sigma or reliability communities by delivering presentations or authoring publications.
  4. The candidate has sufficient experience in teaching workshops or courses in Lean, Six Sigma or reliability.
  5. The candidate has completed the MBB Masterclass.

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