Marine energy technologies

International course on tidal and wave energy, Salinity Gradient Power and Ocean Thermal Energy

Our oceans represent an enormous untapped resource of clean and renewable energy. In this new international course you will learn about the latest innovations taking place in tidal energy, wave energy, Salinity Gradient Power and OTEC.

Several ocean energy projects are currently being demonstrated in the Netherlands, like a floating platform for tidal stream turbines near Texel, turbines in the Afsluitdijk and Westerschelde and a pilot project using fresh water from the IJsselmeer and sea water from at the Wadden Sea to produce electricity. The insights offered by these projects on design, construction, operation and maintenance are shared with you for each technology by those who worked on the projects.

We will also look into the resource potential and the business case for various technologies and present real cases. Each day includes a site or company visit. The course offers room for (and promotes) discussion.

Learning goals Marine Energy Technologies course

In this course you will learn:

  • to understand the available technologies for marine energy and asses the feasibility of the various forms such as wave energy and tidal energy;
  • principles of operation, the design philosophies, construction, installation and maintenance;
  • how various feed-in systems work in the Netherlands, but also UK, France and Canada;
  • how to asses resource potential;
  • how to develop your own business case model.


This course is targeting engineers, policy makers, regulators and financial experts concerning renewable energy projects, energy companies, marine and energy consultants in the North Sea area.

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  • Informatie
    Studiepunten: 18 (PDH's Bouw- en Waterbouwkunde)
    Dit programma wordt in het Engels gegeven.
  • Programma

    Day 1 

    Overview of Dutch ocean energy activities
    Technology: Saliniety Gradient Power
    Technology: Tidal Barrage systems
    Technology: Tidal Stream Energy
    Practice: Computational modelling and scale testing of marine energy devices
    Workshop: Comparing resources
    Calculating and comparing energy yield from various resources ( tidal stream, tidal head, wave, otec, salinity gradient)

    Day 2 

    Technology: OTEC
    Technology: Wave Energy
    Workshop: How to make a financial business Case
    Practice: EPIC Contract for floating/bottom founded energy devices
    Practice: Modelling and monitoring of impacts of tidal turbines on fish and sea models

    Day 3 

    The Innovation cycle from start-up to commercialisation
    Visit Tidal turbines in Afsluitdijk
    Policy: Dutch Policy & incentives (Topsectoren, Min.EZ)
    Policy: European Policy and instruments
    Policy: Legal bariers in consenting of marine energy projects
    Technology: Storage systems and offgrid Centre


  • Reviews
    Deze cursus wordt beoordeeld met een 8,3
    “Good variety of topics (technical, socio-economic). I liked the site visit. Presenting skills were generally good and interesting.”
    D. Baldacchino (TU Delft, Lucht- en Ruimtevaart)
    “It was a very educational course and I hope to translate what I've learned to worldwide marine energy technology applications.”
    Tyler Burger (PMI Industries Inc.)
    “The couse was very worthwile because the completeness of the subjects (all aspects covered) and also the diversity of the attendees and lectures. So, good for learning knowledge and people.”
    Marcel Wauben (Witteveen+Bos Rotterdam)
    “Very useful and well-presented. A great variety of speakers and audience on different locations.”
    Carlette Nieland (TTC)
    “Very interesting, good atmosphere during sessions.”
    René Bos (TU Delft, Lucht- en Ruimtevaart)
    “Various topics, yet a good overview of this area.”
    Wei Yu (TU Delft, Lucht- en Ruimtevaart)
    “Just what I needed!”
    Gijs Hendriks (Boskalis Nederland)
    “The course was very good to obtain a good level of knowledge of the various techniques.”
    Chris Koehler (PwV BV)
    “Very good content.”
    Don Hoogendoorn (Damen Shipyards Gorinchem)