Geology for engineers (CGF-G)

Practical course on geology in the Netherlands and abroad

Many of the risks associated with construction projects are related to the geology. The successful delivery of such projects heavily relies on proper ground investigations and the proper management of the geological and geotechnical risks associated with ground. Ground conditions are seldom unforeseen if the site evaluation is properly done and based on the concept that the geotechnical site characteristics are the direct product of the site’s geological and geomorphological history.

In this course you will learn the importance of the total geological history for the design of, for example, piled foundations, raft foundations and/or excavations in complex geological settings. You will learn the fundamentals of geology and rock mechanics and get practical guidelines to deal with spatial variability and unforeseen ground conditions for ground- and foundation engineering applications.

This course is part of the CGF-courses of KIVI. Lecturers are specialist with a large experience in geological engineering in worldwide and Dutch context. The course is concluded with a written exam.

The importance of geology

The following topics are covered during this course:

  • The importance of the total geological history and the development of a geological model as basis for site evaluation, ground investigations and foundation engineering.
  • Rock mechanics: the similarities and differences with soil mechanics considered from an engineering’s point of view.
  • Classification of rock and rock-masses and the use of specific laboratory tests to characterise the rock properties.
  • How to approach spatial variability and ground investigations in different geological settings.
  • The participants get hands-on experience with rock testing and work out case studies.
  • Field visit in the Belgian Ardennes.

Intended for

Project managers, geotechnical engineers, civil engineers, hydraulic engineers, structural engineers, geologists, geoscientists. Engineering consultants, dredging companies, contractors, oil-gas industry, offshore industry, mining industry.

Read our interview with the course leaders and one of the past participants, as recently published in 'Vakblad Geotechniek'.

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  • Informatie
    Cursusleider(s): Dhr. S. Slob (Cohere Consultants), Dhr. Ir. J.S. van der Schrier (Royal HaskoningDHV)
    Cursusdata: note: new data will follow due to Corona (2, 9, 16, 23 April, 14 and 20 May 2020 are cancelled)
    Locatie: Delft, the Netherlands
    5 meetings in Delft with lectures, 1 excursion to the Belgium Ardennes
    Prijs: € 2.680,00 excl. btw
    Pricing includes all materials, catering and overnight stay during the excursion
    Studiepunten: 3 (Kenniseenheden Constructeursregister)
    Roosterinformatie: all days 15:00-20:00
    23th April 9:00-15:30 (excursion Belgium Ardennes)
    Exam 12th June 14:00 - 16:00
    In samenwerking met: KIVI section geo-engineering
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  • Programma

    Day 1: Geology for Engineers

    Siefko Slob, Cohere Consultants, and Joost van der Schrier, Royal HaskoningDHV

    General geology   
    Tom Dijkstra, Loughborough University

    Geological environments         
    Tom Dijkstra, Loughborough University                                           

    Surface processes (erosion, weathering)       
    Siefko Slob, Cohere Consultants          

    The total geology approach   
    Joost van der Schrier, Royal HaskoningDHV           

    Day 2: Mechanics and information

    Mechanics of rock and soil  
    Robert Hack, University of Twente            

    Dinoloket/NLOG/BRO/AHN: models and data
    Michiel van de Meulen, TNO 

    Case study and excercise       
    Joost van der Schrier, Royal HaskoningDHV  

    Day 3: Geology of the Netherlands and geological construction material

    General geology of The Netherlands 
    Kim Cohen, University of Utrecht                         

    Shallow geology of The Netherlands       
    Kim Cohen, University of Utrecht     

    Geological construction materials (rock and soil)
    Peter Verhoef, TU Delft                

    Laboratory testing of rock and soil materials        
    Peter Verhoef, TU Delft, and Wim Verwaal, Delft University of Technology

    Visit to TU Delft rock and soil testing laboratory 
    Wim Verwaal, Delft University of Technology

    Day 4: Geological fieldwork Belgian Ardennes

    Siefko Slob, Cohere Consultants and Robert Hack, University of Twente

    Day 5: Towards a reliable subsurface model

    Desk study, RS and geological field survey

    Site investigations (difficult soils, rock)                          

    Geophysical survey                                                         

    Case study and excercise                                  

    all lectured by Rodriaan Spruit, urban development Rotterdam

    Day 6: Impact of geology on design

    Excavation design, slope stability analysis
    Siefko Slob, Cohere Consultants

    Offshore excavation and dredging
    Peter Verhoef, TU Delft

    Foundation design (piling in rock)
    Marga Hoogvliet, Ballast-Nedam

    Tunnel design in rock masses
    Robert Hack, University of Twente

    Examination training
    Siefko Slob, Cohere Consultants,  Joost van der Schrier, Royal HaskoningDHV and Robert Hack, University of Twente


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