FMEA (Failure Mode & Effects Analysis) Facilitator Training

Failure mode & effects analysis

New products, processes and systems need to be developed faster and with increasing quality and reliability levels. Production losses, rework, warranty claims, and even brand image loss need to be prevented.
Learn how to execute and facilitate Risk Analysis using good FMEA’s as an integral and effective part of your Product Creation Process. Reduce the time to identify the high risks and to generate a Risk Mitigation Plan. Get enthusiastic involvement of engineers, architects, managers to increase FMEA effectiveness and completeness.

The FMEA, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, is considered to be the heart of risk management of any development process, providing a clear link between Design for Six Sigma and Design for Reliability and therefore ensures state-of-the-art products.

In this training, the reference book “Effective FMEA’s” from Carl Carlson is complemented with the Holland Innovative structural way of working, gained by years of experience. Goal is to reduce waste of time and effort, making FMEA’s more fun to do and get focus on all the high risks. You will learn how to facilitate these effective FMEA’s including the transformation into a risk mitigation plan. The FMEA will be turned into a “living document” and a risk tracking tool.

Intended for

This training is aimed at persons working in a product development environment including process-, product-, quality- and reliability engineering. Focus is on actual FMEA practitioners who want to improve their FMEA's in an effective and professional way.
The training is suited for professionals with a master or bachelor level, or equivalent knowledge gained through experience. Acquaintance with product development process is required. Experience and or participation in FMEA sessions is recommended.


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    Cursusleider(s): Dhr. Ir. Logger (Holland Innovative), Mevr. Lutgendorf
    Cursusdata: 8, 9, 15 en 16 april 2020
    Locatie: Eindhoven
    Prijs: € 2.990,00 excl. btw
    In samenwerking met: Holland Innovative
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