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Eurocode 8: Earthquake Engineering

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The last decades many design codes for earth quake engineering have been (re)written and often with a fairly different approach compared to the previous generations. Modern key notions are performance based design, capacity design, behavior factors, push over analysis and the dynamic nonlinear Finite Element Method.

The emphasis of this course is to explain the essential meaning and background of these revised key notions, by exploring and clarifying:

  • the theoretical concepts of structural and continuum mechanics
  • the soil structure interaction behavior and
  • structural risk and reliability considerations
  • sensitivities of structural behavior and local member properties.

In addition, attention will be given to the use of empirical evidence and the need for simplifications in design and assessment codes to keep things manageable.

Non lineair-dynamic FEM and seismic design

The course will give essential information on:

  • The basics of structural dynamics (Single and Multi-degree of freedom systems, modal analysis) as well as advanced nonlinear time history analyses using FEM
  • Risk and reliability considerations
  • The relation between theory and practical rules
  • The behaviour of structural members deformed beyond the limits of the elastic range
  • Applications to the main structural system as well as to secondary and non-structural elements
  • Geotechnical aspects and details of the loading model
  • The basic concepts of Eurocode 8 for the Design of Structures for Earthquake Resistance and the relation with NPR 9998

Target group 

Structural, Geotechnical and Architectural engineers of engineering offices, contractors  and municipal authorities, working for the dutch- as well as the international market


  • Information
    Trainer(s): Dhr. A.C.W.M. Vrouwenvelder (TNO)
    Course data: Spring 2018
    Price: € 975.00 without vat
    Studypoints: 12 Kenniseenheden Constructeursregister
    6 PDH's Geotechniek
  • Trainer A.C.W.M. Vrouwenvelder
    TNO/TU Delft
    ‘Earthquake design is of vital importance in many countries and recently also in the Netherlands Eurocode 8 is an important tool in the human fight against earthquake catastrophes. It is for sure one of the best and modern codes for adequate design in both moderate and serious earthquake prone areas. The course will give insight in the rules and background of this standard by explaining the theory as well as by showing examples. We are happy that again Professor Andreas Kappos from Thessaloniki, an experienced designer and researcher in the field and co-author of Eurocode 8, is one of the teachers in this course. Compared to previous courses the scope and duration of the present course is extended. In particular there will be more attention to masonry structures and geotechnical aspects.'
  • Programme

    Day 1 and 2
    Course leader: A.C.W.M. Vrouwenvelder

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