Reliability Growth and Trend Analysis (using Crow-AMSAA) (online)

Leer hoe Reliability gemodelleerd en gemeten kan worden met behulp van Crow-AMSAA en aanvullende Crow-AMSAA technieken gedurende de project validatie.

The current economic situation requires processes and services to perform on an increasing Reliability level. The failure of parts of a system, install base, or offered service can lead to high impact consequences like claims, customer dissatisfaction, and image damage. RMS (Reliability-Maintenance-Safety) Engineering is an upcoming discipline that helps with accurate and quantitative methods to get a grip on the performance of your product, your system and your process, both during development and after implementation.

Participants are introduced to the methods of Crow-AMSAA and Extended Crow-AMSAA for Reliability Growth Analysis and Trend Analysis. You learn how Reliability Growth and Trends in general can be modelled and measured during project validation, and how the system Reliability and Life Cycle Costs in the field can be forecasted. Also the impact of changes in your current install base, fielded population, or service process can be quantified, thus showing the effectiveness of Management Decisions.

Not only the system but also the processes that have impact on the overall performance are tracked. Typical process items are implementations of design changes, preventive maintenance, inspections, additional training, organisational changes, proper instructions, etc.

Trend analyses can be based on warranty, test, process, or field data and will result in solid and quantitative management recommendations.

The methods are valid for any system or service process which provides a number of deviations (or failures/issues) over time (or cycles/mileage), for example:

  • Install bases like Production lines, Factories
  • Technical systems like Cars, Engines, Handling equipment, Sub-systems of an install base
  • Public Services like Healthcare, Transport, Banking
  • Software Performance

Target group

The workshop aims at Reliability Engineers and Project or Program Managers that need to have focus on the overall system level and the accompanying Development and Improvement process performance. Working areas can be Product or Process Development, Project planning, Software Development, Testing, Maintenance or Inspection in both technical area and public services. The workshop is also suitable for teachers at universities and HBO institutes.

A 1-day or a 2-day in-house workshop is also available for both technical and non-technical staff who need to become involved in Reliability Growth and Trend Analysis methodologies. In this case, the program can be tailored to your own strategy to challenge your business opportunities. In addition, a 1-day awareness workshop is also available, with adjusted content & depth.

Academic or HBO level. Completion of a Reliability Workshop or training involving Weibull statistics is highly recommended.


  • Reliability Growth and Trend Analysis in the Product Creation Process. Tools, Methods and Deliverables.
  • The basics of the Crow-AMSAA methodology, the Non Homogeneous Poisson Process (NHPP), model construction, interpretation of Beta values, samples of Crow-AMSAA analysis.
  • Relation with the Weibull and the Poisson Distribution.
  • Plot interpretation; Good and Bad CA plots, Goodness of Fit.
  • Process or Fleet Reliability Performance in time (MTBF). System Reliability analyses with mixtures of failure modes.
  • Early Reliability predictions, signs of adverse System Reliability trends, prediction of the amount of new failure modes, verification of Engineering predictions, accurate program decisions.
  • The Extended Crow-AMSAA model; Estimating the final Reliability after all tests are completed.
  • The effect of Design and Quality changes; the results of the Management Strategy.
  • Reliability Growth & Trend Analysis Training, Mind-set and Applications within Product Development.
  • The software packages SuperSMITH Weibull-Visual and ReliaSoft software RGA will be used during the workshop for hands-on exercises.

What to bring to the workshop?

During the workshop participants will need a laptop with Microsoft Office installed. A demo (trial) version of the ReliaSoft software RGA needs to be installed before start of the workshop, and can be downloaded from the website Note that the trial version is only valid for 21 days.
Further a demo (trail) version of the SuperSMITH Weibull-Visual software needs to be installed, which can be downloaded from the website

Op verzoek wordt de cursus gegeven in het Nederlands of Engels.

On request the course can be performed in Dutch or English.

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