“You assume that everyone understands the context”

Thu 16 September 2021

You are good at your job and you know what you are doing. Why is it so difficult to tell a convincing story about this? How do you create a clear storyline, the right alignment with your audience and how do you use your body language effectively? In short: how do you present with impact? We recently spoke to Jaap Joosse, technical director and geotechnical advisor at BT Geoconsult, about his participation in this training.

Can you tell us something about your background?

“I have a background in civil and hydraulic engineering at TU Delft. I worked for years as a geotechnical engineer. After that I moved on to lead engineer and senior engineer, where I also had a management position. As co-owner of BT Geoconsult, I have been working a lot on wind projects in recent years, in order to develop, design, build and tender the civil scope for customers. We are a company with about 35 people, and we also try emphatically from the management to participate in the projects. And from that point of view, being able to convincingly convey a clear, substantive message was still on my list to further develop my skills. You may have a vision, but to convey it to clients in projects or to colleagues in management and policy messages and then to jointly form an opinion and choose direction is something else.”

Why did you choose this course?

“One of my colleagues had previously attended an engineering leadership course at PAOTM and I also knew one of the trainers from The LMS Group. After I got to talk to him, the theme of the The powerful presenter course was clearly in line with what had been in my head for a while. I am busy every day leading a group of people towards the future. And explaining what that future can be and the choices and motivations involved must be a supported vision. This can be done in general terms, but also in details. I noticed that I approached this from a technical, often rational nature. But in doing so, I actually forgot to pay attention to the explanation of policies and choices made. And also how I got that message across. I can feel I told it, but did it get through? I noticed that I increasingly felt the need to develop myself in this area. That can also be expected of me in my position. All the pitfalls of techies are of course lurking. That you assume that everyone understands the context. But a clear and coherent story is just important.”

How did you like the course?

"Very much! The course is well taught with a strong content line. All dimensions of preparation, building your story and non-verbal techniques were covered. The small group also really contributed to what was possible during the course in terms of exercises and personal attention. There was a very open atmosphere. The impact of the entire program was therefore really great.

The classroom setting was indispensable for the effectiveness of the course. I can't imagine that you wouldn't give this program live. It goes much further than just transferring knowledge.

Werner (Holzmann, course leader) was also an inspiring man. That just does a lot with the course. I really liked his attitude, attention and reflection. Occasionally confrontational, but that is exactly what is necessary in such a program.”

Have you already been able to apply what you have learned in your work?

"Certainly. As a board member I have already done several meetings and presentations in which I have applied it concretely. In fact, one of these presentations came shortly after the course, which I used as practice material during the course to help me prepare. In addition, I notice that if I have to chair meetings and guide topics through them, I can really apply the lessons from the course, with regard to the preparation, structure and positioning of my story.”

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