What specific knowledge is needed in the hydrogen market?

Fri 13 January 2023

In 2019, PAOTM started post-academic education in the field of hydrogen. A great deal of basic knowledge has now been acquired in many disciplines and lots of projects are being planned. More and more current and completed projects are proving successful, which are nice steps on our way in the energy transition!

To ensure that engineers and technical professionals can provide themselves with the latest knowledge in the field of hydrogen as well as possible, PAOTM asked its participants of the course “Hydrogen for professionals” about their future knowledge needs. There turned out to be a great deal of interest in knowledge about the applications of electricity and the built environment, industry and mobility. Subjects such as H2 production, storage, distribution, as well as safety and regulations, are something the participants would like to see discussed when they follow an in-depth course.

Partly based on the results of the research, PAOTM is fully engaged in the development of new courses in the field of hydrogen. Of course we do this together with our network of experts in the field. One of the first topics that will be on the course agenda in 2023 is Hydrogen in the built environment. Interested? Keep a close eye on our website!

Of course we are very grateful to our participants for their input during the research. A gift voucher has been raffled among all participants: Jeroen Verspui is the lucky prize winner!



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