Our most recent webinar: the impact of corrosion

Mon 16 May 2022

Dr. Reza Javaherdashti, expert in more than 400 corrosion projects worldwide, shared his knowledge last Tuesday 10th May in the PAOTM webinar Impact of corrosion on the health and safety of economy and industry. On the basis of a number of Dutch projects, he outlined how smart corrosion management can not only save costs, but above all, also keep our infrastructure safe.

The costs of corrosion in the Netherlands are enormous: at least 20 billion euros per year. Current examples of constructions in the Netherlands that require attention are the Pier in Scheveningen and the Gent-Terneuzen canal. In these places, you can see how our infrastructure and economy can be seriously affected.

Corrosion is an issue that mainly has economic ecological consequences, in addition to the technical challenges. Both technical engineers and managers must therefore be involved. The engineers can use corrosion management methods and the managers must apply corrosion knowledge management (CKM) techniques. This reduces not only the technical risk, but also the costs for society.

In the webinar, Reza set out the framework for smart corrosion management. Public awareness of a specialist technical theme such as corrosion must be widely present in society in order to arrive at solutions and prevention of corrosion.

Are you also interested in corrosion management? Watch the replay of the webinar.
Unfortunately, technology let us down at the start of the webinar and at some moments during the presentation, but fortunately Reza was able to provide viewers with a good introduction and practical applications in the field.

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