New program: Leadership of Engineers

Wed 20 May 2020

“People are crucial to the success of technical projects. Effective leadership gives them direction and incentive to achieve results together. This requires awareness from leaders and professionals. We help students recognize behavioral and communication patterns, in themselves and in others. We provide tools for effective cooperation and in this way we bring results closer.”

Ale Riedstra and Werner Holzmann of The LMS Group have been providing leadership and team training in technical organizations for more than fifteen years. In it they dissected "soft skills" in understandable language and concrete actions. The outcome is visible and measurable in the growth of people and organization. From September, we will start with a complete program of leadership modules for professionals and executives in collaboration with The LMS Group.

The program is based on The L&D Architect, which shows nine leadership themes on the crossings of the matrix. In every PAOTM course, several of the themes will be given main focus. 

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