Motion control: always on the move

Mon 20 January 2020

Products are made, processed or assembled with increasing precision. Parts are moved in a controlled manner at various places in industrial processes. Such as placing a chip on a printed circuit board, writing with a laser or filling packages. Motion control ensures that objects are moved to the right position accurately, with the right speed, acceleration or deceleration.

The chip market is a well-known Dutch success story in which motion control plays an important role. Large chip makers are situated in Taiwan, China and South Korea, but the machines they are made or packaged with are designed and produced at Dutch companies. The Netherlands is still leading in this technological area.

Many applications
Motion control is relevant in more and more applications. For example in advanced packaging machines, robotics, machine and wind turbine construction, recycling, the food industry, electronics, automotive and drones. Dynamic factors, such as vibrations, eigenmodes and interaction between components play a unique role in the various processes. Choosing the right motion control system and working efficiently and successfully with the system are therefore essential skills.

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Source: Trouw
Image: Reuters


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