"I now know in which relationships I should invest more and how I stay true to myself"

Thu 20 May 2021

How can you have more influence without using authority? That was the main question during the course Influence without power. We spoke to Roy Meter, Regional Director West for Kaiser + Kraft Europe and Managing Director of Vink Lisse, about his expectations and experiences after his participation in the last edition.

Why did you participate in this course?

“At my previous employer, Fabory, I have developed quite a bit over the past 6 years. Driven by changes in the organization as well as the growth and attention to leadership development. I was constantly challenged by the management team not only to work on the content, but also to look closely at my personal development. Although the latter is often an underexposed topic, it was indeed an important part in the personal development of strategic leaders. In that context, as part of my development, I previously went through a valuable trajectory with Ale (Riedstra, trainer The LMS Group) In particular, during my development within the organization, to keep an eye on my intrinsic drivers and to stay close to myself in the choices I make. In addition to this trajectory, Ale recommended the Influence without power course. Especially to develop and test my leadership development within a group.”

How did you like the course?

“To be honest, I initially had some doubts about my participation, considering the steps I had already taken in this process. I expected to stay very close to the theoretical side of soft skills in this training. What really surprised me is the shape and interaction of the training. On the one hand, this was due to Werner (Holzmann, trainer The LMS Group) who creates a setting in which trust is created and people can express themselves openly. On the other hand, the diversity of the group was enriching for what I was able to learn. Any skepticism I had prior to training was quickly gone. The exchange of everyone's practical experiences and the interaction between Werner and the group really brought me a lot in those two days.”

Have you been able to apply what you have learned in your work?

“I got at least two concrete insights from the training. Firstly, that is the importance of paying attention to your relationships and your network. How is it put together and do I pay enough attention to the right relationships? For me it was an eye-opener that you often functionally build up a whole network within an organization that is focused on the strategy or joint plans. But with a critical look at the relationships with whom you really work together and in which you should invest, I noticed that some of them receive too little attention, because you are constantly concerned with the content of your work. In the short time at my new employer, I have noticed that I already actively take this attention to my new relationships into account.
My second learning point is to constantly pay attention to how you come across, how you use your feelings, what your presence is. Not so much from a communication or presentation style, but more to be aware that you stay with yourself. What really drives me? Do I communicate a story that comes to someone, and can they actually do something with it?"

How did you like the classroom setting?

“We couldn't have done this online. The setting that is created and the atmosphere that you feel really needs this training. What I also shared with Werner: the theoretical part could possibly be shared before the actual training, in order to have even more time for interaction and practical application. The training actor was certainly a valuable part of the training as well. He was very strong in terms of content, both in the practice situations and the feedback he gave us. You really feel the space to choose different styles, challenge him and adopt various approaches. The fact that the actor is sitting in front of you makes a lot more impact than watching a screen. There is therefore no possibility to hide. So it is crucial to see each other and to be in the same room.”

Do you also want to achieve more with others, without the use of power and authority?

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