The human factor in technology

Fri 15 July 2022

Technological developments go fast and as an engineer it is important to regularly receive further training. More importantly, however, is developing your soft skills. Technical projects are multidisciplinary and involve internal and external stakeholders. To be successful, it is essential that you can communicate and collaborate well, have an understanding of other fields and interests and can convince everyone of your technical objectives.

By developing your soft skills you can distinguish yourself as an engineer because you work more effectively. For example, as an engineer you focus on technical details while the customer is mainly interested in the total solution of his specific problem. Being able to listen, write, present and convince makes all the difference!

The PAOTM Personal Effectiveness and Leadership program was developed in collaboration with The LMS Group. The courses are highly valued, also by more experienced students who have already followed similar training courses: “The best course I've ever had on presenting”. The small-scale, classroom setting means that our students can apply the theory (30%) extensively and have a lot of room for interaction with each other.

Our full range of courses in Personal Effectiveness and Leadership can be found here. Below is a short impression of our most popular courses:

Personal leadership
October 6, 7 and November 10, 11, 2022

With this course you will gain insight into what your motivations and personal values ​​are. You learn to use your qualities effectively, but you also gain insight into the limiting beliefs that can negatively influence your behavior, making you less effective. You learn to prioritize and choose behavior that gets the best out of yourself and others.

Read the interview with one of the previous participants.

The powerful presenter
September 27 and 28, 2022

All eyes are on you and yet you can convey your message effectively and with impact in a relaxed manner. You achieve this by carefully guarding your own interests and those of the listener and then presenting them with appropriate body language and in the right perspective.

Read the interview with one of the previous participants.

Influence without power
October 13, 14, 2022

Winning people for you requires persuasiveness. Develop the ability to build relationships and connect with the way others communicate. Projects are increasingly multidisciplinary and many stakeholders are involved. How do you ensure that you can convince all those involved of your technical objectives and at the same time take all those other interests into account?

Read the interview with one of the previous participants.

Managing Engineers
October 6, 7 and November 24, 25, 2022

Learn how to achieve results with your team through effective leadership. How do you stay true to yourself and navigate between opposing interests, processes and structures that sometimes seem to block the way? Inspire your team members, delegate effectively and, above all, manage on trust.

Read the interview with one of the previous participants.



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