Hands on the controls

Mon 17 December 2018

In a high-tech sector such as the Dutch process industry, it is impossible to require employees to stay up-to-date in their lost hours in the field of, for example, process optimization and process technology. The modular course Process Control offers a solution for both beginners and advanced students.

During the course you will learn the basic principles of control engineering and learn to apply advanced methods. You work on various assignments and receive personal help where necessary. Working with assignments and interacting, according to course leader Jan Schuurmans, is the best way to learn. "It makes no sense to only keep a theoretical story. It is a hands-on course and the theory is there to be applied."

PID controllers

The course is partly about learning how to set up PID controllers. "There is a great demand for this. Many people do not yet know how they can optimally set up these controllers and they learn that during the course. We have a PLC in the room, linked to a test set-up. You then have a real process, albeit small, but real."

Helicopter view

Previously, the course was primarily intended as an advanced course on advanced control technology. Because many participants also had difficulty in setting up the basic regulations in a good way, the course is now structured to start from a helicopter view, after which the subject is examined deeper and zooms in on details. Participants from the previous editions are enthusiastic about the hands-on nature and the structure from the basics to in-depth and difficult exercises. "Pragmatic approach. Very nice to see the usefulness and the application, and to learn", "Great added value because the course goes up to the detail."

After completing the course you will have mastered quite a few skills that add value to the company you work for. In addition to learning how to properly set up a controller, you also learn why measurement and control equipment is at a certain location in the factory and you have gained an eye for the financial picture.

Wondering how to set your process arrangements the best?

There are still places available for the course on 16, 23, 30 January, 6 and 13 February 2019. Register for the whole course or choose your modules.

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