Future forward with prediction models

Mon 20 January 2020

Data is available in every organisation. The amount of data is increasing due to automation and digitisation. By analyzing your data, valuable new insights can be obtained. With these insights you can optimise processes, take decisions and make reliable predictions for the future.

Data engineering is the key: by analysing, designing, realising and visualising data solutions you ensure that data is optimally used to achieve business objectives. Companies that make data-based decisions indicate that they benefit greatly from this.

AI and machine learning in the technical field
Especially in the technical field, where artificial intelligence and machine learning is being used more and more often, keeping up with the use of data-driven projects is of vital importance. This allows you to respond to customers quickly and helps you to see new opportunities or threats. By allowing AI software to reason and solve problems and by letting machines improve their own performance thanks to statistical science, you can respond proactively to the market and stay ahead of your competition.

Performing predictive analytics yourself?
Are you (starting on) analysing data? And do you want to make predictions for decision making? In the Essentials of predictive analytics course on March 4 and 9 2020 you learn to apply methods for predictive modeling from statistics, AI and machine learning. You can validate, interpret and compare models and support and guide business decisions.

Do you work with time series and do you want to learn to analyse, model and use them effectively in order to make forecasts? Subscribe for our Time series analysis and forecasting course from March 16 2020. You look for structures and patterns to explain the process and new trend or seasonal series.

For professionals who work with big data and want to make prediction models for these amounts of data, we offer the course Data mining & business analytics. Starts October 7 2020.


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