Corona measures

Mon 15 June 2020

From June 1, 2020 we provide classroom courses on location again. Here we explain how we organise this safely and responsibly, taking into account the corona measures.

Our classroom courses fully comply with the RIVM measures

  • We only work with accommodations with a corona protocol and we monitor compliance with this on a random basis. As a participant, you will receive this protocol in advance of the course.
  • We pay attention to matters such as the cleaning of general areas, walking routes and catering.
  • We work with smaller groups than before, so that we can maintain sufficient distance between each other.
  • Participants and teachers with health complaints stay at home.
  • Participants and teachers who visited a risk area within the last two weeks stay at home.
  • Travel by car as much as possible.
  • The first classroom courses "at a distance" went well and to everyone's satisfaction. The photo shows what the current classroom setting looks like.

Online course offer

In addition, we have successfully made the switch to online teaching. We use the Microsoft Teams platform for this. For some current trainings we use WebEx. The teacher streams the lesson live and questions can be asked directly via chat. This spring we had good experiences with the online courses and trainings. We and our students still prefer classroom courses and mutual interaction, but we now have a good alternative.

In case of stricter measures (for example due to a second corona boost), we will continue the courses online as much as possible. Of course you will be informed about this in time.

Hybrid courses start in September

In September we will start with a new teaching method: the hybrid course. This is a classroom course at 1.5 meters distance that you optionally can follow online. For example in case you are not able to attend the course due to health problems or because you recently visited a risk area, if your organization does not allow you to follow a course on location or if you do not feel comfortable with it yourself. In this way, we enable everyone to follow a course this autumn and you are assured of new knowledge. Most of our courses can be taught in this hybrid way, but unfortunately not all of them. At the bottom of the course page you can see whether this applies to your course.

Please contact us if you have questions

Do you have questions or do you prefer to follow a course online? Please contact us via +31 15 278 46 18 or


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