Challenges for safe drinking water for later

Mon 16 May 2022

This week all ten drinking water companies in the Netherlands are rolling out blue carpets to collectively show how important it is for the Netherlands to protect the future of our drinking water. In May and June 2022, regional dialog tables will be arranged by the drinking water companies together with other stakeholders to discuss the future of drinking water, the issues, problems and a collective way forward towards possible solutions.

To keep providing safe and trustworthy drinking water in the coming decades, the water sector has to invest. In the protection of the sources (to garantee the availability of clean water), in new treatment technologies (to treat the emerging pollutants), in digital technologies and in making the drinking water distribution and supply networks microbial safe. Further, the sustainability in drinking water sector lies at the heart of the whole process from production to distribution and treatment of used water. To keep up with these challenges, technological innovation plays a central role. New research in the sector is a key for innovation and central to the solution of the emerging problems.

To bring the newly produced knowledge from academia to the industry, PAOTM designs and develops courses together with the experts from both academia and industry. PAOTM is playing its role to train the water leaders of the future who are ready to find the solutions of emerging problems in the water sector. All of us together are trying our best to make sure that in 2050 people living in the Netherlands still drink safe and trustworthy water from the tap!

Curious which courses you can follow?
Basiscursus aquatische ecologie
Aquatisch ecologische systeemanalyse
Circulaire afvalwaterzuivering: de laatste inzichten
Duurzame drinkwatervoorziening
Digitalisering in drink- en afvalwater

You can find an overview of the complete actual course program on the themepage water management and water treatment.

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