Better application of composites

Mon 18 March 2019

There are many innovations in materials and ways to make stronger and lighter products and constructions. Fibre reinforced polymer composites are everywhere. In the industry, transportation and also in building construction and infrastructure.

Fast development in sustainability
Composites combine freedom of form, robustness with ultra-lightweight, high strength and low environmental impact. Sustainable, with a long lifespan. Fibre reinforced polymer composites, composed of glass- or carbon fibres with a polymer, are being applied more frequent and developments are rapid. In Rozenburg, an ecologic bridge is made of bio-based resin by FiberCore Europe, Delft University of Technology and Schiphol Logistics Park. The Swiss University EPFL has developed an advanced composite that can repair itself easily after being damaged with the help of an included reparation additive.

Application in your own work
Do you design or calculate on fibre reinforced polymer composites or are you about to start with this? And do you want to choose the right material, make a structural design and cost calculation? In the course Fibre reinforced polymer composites you get handles for applying the material in your own work. The course is generic in its set-up and intended for all markets and products.


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