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E-magy gains knowledge of Design of Experiments with a PAOTM in-company course

E-magy's ambition is that everyone can enjoy the benefits of clean, electrically powered mobility. Since 2013, they have been developing innovative batteries in their advanced production facility and battery laboratory in Broek op Langedijk. Bart Groenland has been working as a Chemical Process Engineer within E-magy for almost 5 years and has experienced major changes. Together with seven colleagues he participated in the four-day in-company training Design Of Experiments. He is happy to tell us about his experiences.

E-magy is a scale-up which develops materials that ensure that lithium-ion batteries can store more energy than traditional batteries with graphite anodes. The material is silicon: E-magy gives it a special porous structure with its own production process. Bart's role includes various tasks, including optimizing production processes and conducting experiments to improve the processes and make them more efficient.

Innovations at E-magy
E-magy emerged from the company RGS Development B.V. which originally specialized in silicon crystallization. They discovered that the machine they used was also suitable for making battery material, which is how E-magy was born. They are planning to build a new factory and further optimize the production process. Bart and his colleagues aim to scale up the production line to a higher capacity to meet the growing market demand for batteries with a higher energy density. Bart indicates that with the new factory they can achieve production growth of 300 tons of powder per year.

Optimizing processes
Experiments have already been carried out within E-magy to improve production processes. They already used Design of Experiments to make the tests more efficient and gain more insight into the processes. This allows them to optimize production and save costs.

The in-company course has given the participants the tools to plan experiments in a smart way and gain more insight into the processes. Bart: 'Koo has taught us how you can get more out of Design of Experiments than we are doing now, very educational.'.

Why an in-company at PAOTM?
The question Bart's was asking himself: 'How can we plan the experiments more efficiently?' He ended up at PAOTM through an internet search. Bart: 'I was looking for the opportunity to organize the course at our location. There were 8 participants, so traveling is not necessary. When it became clear that it was also attractive from a cost perspective to organize an in-company, we were convinced. In addition, the participants were able to perform some actions on location, which was very practical.'

After signing the quotation, Bart came into contact with Koo Rijpkema, course leader of PAOTM's data analysis courses. Four course days and a return activity were planned. The participants came from different departments within E-magy.'Everyone has their own expertise and this can lead to valuable insights and improvements in the process,' says Bart.

Incompany Design of Experiments
The program has been adapted to the wishes of E-magy. 'The great thing about Koo is that he was able to select the most relevant parts of Design of Experiments for us. He looked for relevant papers for this and adapted his course material to us. His guidance has helped us to improve our processes and get more out of our experiments,' says Bart.

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Course leader

Data analysis and programming

dr. Koo Rijpkema

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)

“For me, teaching means sharing knowledge and passion, inspiring and fascinating people through the application of statistics.”

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