Process engineering and chemistry

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers apply the principles of chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and IT to solve problems related to the production or use of chemicals, fuels, food, pharmaceuticals and many other products from raw materials. They design, develop and operate chemical production processes to produce food products, fuels, medicines, clean wastewater and drinking water, and are involved in solving climate, energy and environment-related problems.

PAO Techniek en Management offers a series of courses in which you gain broad chemical knowledge. Depending on your own professional wishes, you can take one or more courses. Course leader Johan Krop and his team of expert teachers will inform you fully within a few days. The courses are intended for engineers, technologists and designers with a chemical, process, technological or mechanical background at bachelor's or master's level.

Basic principles of all courses are to develop critical thinking skills based on problem solving: analyzing, applying norms, discrimination, seeking information, logical reasoning, predicting and transforming knowledge. And to develop creative thinking skills through brainstorming.

Below you will find specific information about each course. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 0031 15 278 46 18 or email

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