Chemical Engineering - Membrane Separation

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During this course you will go through the entire process of membrane separation and discover the best application in your chemical working environment.

Membrane processes, types, equipment and flow patterns

During the course the basics of membrane-based separation techniques like transport mechanism and driving force are dealt with. Also different membrane materials, types and modules are explained.

Membrane-based separation is a technology that can save energy and has lower costs. It makes use of compact and economical modules with high surface area per unit volume. In this way it promotes green transformation of chemical industry.

You learn about the different types of membranes. Polymeric membranes, versatile, cheap and robust, do not operate well at high temperatures. Inorganics membranes can operate at high temperature, can have functional pores which make them highly selective, manufacturing is still an issue (stability, cracks). Hybrid membranes combine properties of both.

For membrane gas separation the process design and novel membranes like supported liquid membranes will be explored.

Apply membrane separation in practice

Topics that are dealt with during the course:

  • Permeability, permeance, selectivity and the relation to temperature.
  • Describe the three common types of equipment used for gas-permeation membrane processes.
  • Design of a membrane process.
  • Solve general transport equation, driving forces and mass transfer in membrane separation.
  • Describe the four ideal flow patterns in a membrane separator and, for each respective model, solve numerically for the membrane area.

Intended for
The course is meant for engineers, technologists, designers with a chemical, process, technological or mechanical background on bachelor or master level.

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Course leader

drs. ir. Johan Krop

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  • "An intensive day but I learned a lot. I liked the business case and new liquid membrane technologies."
    Henri Plaggenborg
  • "The course was interesting and pleasant. The attention was always high and the speakers very involving."
    Cursist werkzaam bij een bouwbedrijf
  • "Overal goede interactie, zeer gewaardeerd. Eerste sessie, goede theorie en uitleg om de basis principes op te wekken. Tweede sessie, goede uitleg over de toepassing van membranen in industrie. Derde sessie, zeer leerzaam en interactief. Weinig relatie tot main topic. Heeft een betere plaats als aparte cursus."
    Freek Jansen
  • "Refreshing, nice and easy to follow the course. Relevant information. I liked the combination of theory, practical tips and a nice application of membranes."
    Cursist werkzaam bij een bouwbedrijf

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