Geology for engineers (CGF-G)

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During this course you will learn the basic principles of geology and rock mechanics and receive practical guidelines for dealing with spatial variability and unforeseen ground conditions for soil and foundation engineering.

Learn to handle geological and geotechnical risks crucial to construction projects

This course emphasizes the importance of thorough ground investigations and effective risk management based on the site's geological history. Understand how geotechnical site features are shaped by this history, impacting the success of construction projects. Discover practical insights for designing foundations in complex geological settings, covering basics of geology and rock mechanics. Gain skills to navigate spatial variability and unexpected soil conditions in ground and foundation engineering. Taught by experienced specialists, this course is part of the CGF-courses by KIVI, offering practical knowledge for managing construction projects in diverse geological scenarios.

Module 1. Introduction geology and geology of The Netherlands (2 days)

Explore fundamental geological concepts, both large and small scale, with a focus on depositional environments and surface processes.

Module 1 emphasizes the "total geology" approach, highlighting the profound impact of geological history on built environments. Gain insights into identifying risks, optimization of ground investigations, and constructing geotechnical models based on expected geological conditions. Delve into the shallow and deeper geology of The Netherlands, covering geological formations from the Carboniferous to the Holocene. Special attention is given to Pleistocene and Holocene geology for its engineering significance in The Netherlands.

Module 2. Characteristics of rocks and engineering geological design (2 days)

Module 2 covers the distinction between rock material- and mass behavior, principles of rock mechanics, and ground mass behavior concepts. Participants learn sample testing techniques, in-situ testing, and methodologies for classifying ground behavior. Practical sessions include various laboratory tests at TU-Delft's Soil and Rock Laboratory. Topics also cover designing site investigations and addressing spatial uncertainty. Special attention is given to utilizing digital platforms for geological and geotechnical information in the Netherlands, with hands-on exercises and emphasis on geophysical survey techniques. Module 2 also addresses designing with geological expertise, emphasizing specific design aspects in which geological knowledge is crucial.

Pre-requisite: Demonstrable geology education or the Certificate of Module 1

Module 3. Engineering geological fieldwork in Belgium (1 overnight + 1 day)

One-day engineering geological fieldwork site visit in the Belgian Ardennes to improve the understanding of rock masses and geological structures. Learn how to recognize different rock types in the field, and practice identifying structural geological structures and weathering. This hands-on experience will enhance your understanding of geology and help you apply these skills in real-world engineering scenarios.

Pre-requisite: Certificate of Module 2

The importance of geology

The following topics are covered during this course:

  • The importance of the total geological history and the development of a geological model as basis for site evaluation, ground investigations and foundation engineering.
  • Rock mechanics: the similarities and differences with soil mechanics considered from an engineering’s point of view.
  • Classification of rock and rock-masses and the use of specific laboratory tests to characterize the rock properties.
  • How to approach spatial variability and ground investigations in different geological settings.
  • The participants get hands-on experience with rock testing and work out case studies.
  • Field visit in the Belgian Ardennes.

Intended for

Module 1 is aimed at geotechnical-, structural- and geohydrological engineers seeking expertise in geological considerations for engineering applications.

Module 2 and 3 are aimed at geologists, geotechnical-, structural- and geohydrological engineers who want to develop practical skills in site investigation techniques and geotechnical analysis for engineering projects with a strong geological component.

Module 1 and 2 can be followed separately.

This course will be presented in English.

In cooperation with KIVI (Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers).

Course leaders

  • ir. Joost van der Schrier

    Royal HaskoningDHV
  • dr. ir. Siefko Slob

    Cohere Consultants

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  • Focused on questions that arise in a technical environment
  • Interactive and directly applicable in practice
  • Top teachers from science, research and business

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Geology for engineers (CGF-G)

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CGF-G Module 1

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CGF-G Module 2

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CGF-G Module 2+3

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  • "Leuke insight in geologie, analyses, overwegingen en aandachtspunten voor het geotechnisch ontwerp."
    Peter Brandenburg
    Van Oord Dredging and Marine Constractors
  • "Leerzaam, een goede uitbreiding op de kennis in de geotechniek die ik al had. Hopelijk kan ik het ook nog in de praktijk gebruiken (toepasbaarheid ligt niet aan de cursus zelf)."
    Participant working at an engineering firm
  • "Interessante cursus die mij een goed beeld heeft gegeven over een onderwerp waar bij nog wat kennis ontbrak."
    participant from a company that deals with geo-data and soil research

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