Foundations for offshore wind turbines

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Learn about geotechnical concepts and relevant design approaches in the engineering of wind turbine foundations.

Engineering and soil-structure considerations of monopile foundations

The offshore wind sector is booming worldwide, with a steady trend towards installations in deeper waters and harsher environments. This course addresses one of the main challenges posed by such a trend: the optimisation of foundation systems.

The course covers geotechnical knowledge relevant to the design of wind turbine foundations, with an emphasis on large diameter monopiles. The core content of the course includes soil behavior and characterization, monopile installation and performance during operations (lateral capacity, stiffness, cyclic response, erosion protection).

Geotechnical concepts and design approaches are linked to the engineering of wind turbine structures, with an open view of the latest Delft R&D developments. The course includes practical sessions and makes room for stimulating interaction between teachers and attendees.

Optimise foundation systems: from design to implementation

Course participants will have a chance to learn about:

  • different foundation types for offshore wind turbines;
  • soil characterisation procedures;
  • engineering methods for monopile installation and design;
  • monopile-environment interaction, including issues related to seabed scour and cyclic loading conditions;
  • offshore operations for wind farm construction, with emphasis on technical challenges in real-world projects;
  • recent advances in offshore geotechnical research.

Intended for

This course is meant for a wide range of professionals involved in the design, construction and management of offshore wind farms. Participants with a background in engineering – not limited to geotechnical – will make the most of this course in which fundamental understanding and practical application are equally prioritised.

This course will be presented in English.

In cooperation with DOB-Academy.

Course leader

dr. Ahmed Elkadi MSc


This course is rated with an average of


Program manager


  • The latest post-academic knowledge and skills
  • Focused on questions that arise in a technical environment
  • Interactive and directly applicable in practice
  • Top teachers from science, research and business

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  • "Intensive but covering very wide range of aspects. I liked the interactions/discussions, also the lab work."
  • "Very interesting course with insightful lectures, nice practical sessions and great networking opportunities. Presentation of laboratory analyses and research projects were very interesting. "
    Participant working at an engineering firm
    Witteveen+Bos Raadgevende Ingenieurs B.V.
  • "Without an exception all speakers seemed highly motivated to provide interesting presentations. The two lab tests provided some entertainment while also being highly educational, great addition."
    Participant working at an engineering firm
  • "The course was great to learn and experience the foundations and the offshore wind world. It was a good strategy for merging technical knowledge with practical information. "
    Dennis Maluf Gambarine
  • "The lab part was very engaging and interesting. It was good for absorbing hard core content."
    Nancy Haddaden
  • "This was the first approach to the Wind industry for me. I have briefly learned a lot and I had a very good insight about this field thanks to this course."
    Participant working at an engineering firm
  • "It was a well organized online course. Most of the sessions were presented very well and were interesting."
    Cursist werkzaam bij een bedrijf in windenergie
  • "Really interesting topic about the soil description and geotechnics. Good to have different profiles of teachers and participants."
    Timothée Pire
  • "I'm satisfied. I've received many starting points and learned a lot. I enjoyed the lessons and the practical sessions."
    Cursist werkzaam bij een italiaanse universiteit
  • "Nice course, with good balance of topics and great practical exercises for intuitive feel."
    Antonios Emmanouil

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