Biological stability in drinking water distribution systems

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3 Graduate school credits for PhD's

This course will cover topics such as biological and microbial stability, DWDN's micro environment and mechanisms and maintaining/regulating distribution systems.

New insight in treatment and distribution

Biological stability of drinking water is important to provide water that is microbiologically safe and pleasant to drink to the consumers. This is particularly relevant in drinking water distribution systems where water is delivered without maintaining a disinfectant residual, like in the Netherlands.

In this course, we will discuss the different aspects involved in biological stability of drinking water, at source, treatment, and distribution levels. Methods applied to evaluate biological stability will be described and their application addressed with examples from practice.

Experts from both academia and from water utilities will describe latest knowledge on critical parameters impacting biological stability.

Biologically stable drinking water

During this course you will learn:

  • What is biological stability of drinking water?
  • What are the basic elements controlling microbial growth in drinking water?
  • What are methods to assess and study biological stability?
  • What are the factors influencing biological stability at source and treatment levels?
  • What are the factors influencing biological stability at distribution level?

Intended for

Drinking water professionals, including project managers, advisors, process technologists, researchers concerned with water quality issues.

Course leader

dr. ir. Emmanuelle Prest


This course is rated with an average of


Program manager


  • The latest post-academic knowledge and skills
  • Focused on questions that arise in a technical environment
  • Interactive and directly applicable in practice
  • Top teachers from science, research and business

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  • "The course gave me the opportunity to place my research into the context of the drinking water problems that nowadays affect our society. It was a great opportunity to meet and listen to well known researchers in the field of drinking water treatment and distribution."
    Valentina Attiani
    Wageningen University & Research
  • "I really enjoy the organisation and the diversity of the course and exchange between participants."
    Alexis Martin
    Eau de Paris
  • "I very much enjoyed the course. Even as a PhD student working in the field of biological stability still I learnt a lot of new things! It was nice to have several speakers that each touched on a different aspect of biological stability. Also the interactive sessions and discussions were a nice addition to the presentations."
    Cameron Dierendonck
    Universiteit Gent (UGent)
  • "Good overview of all the aspects related to biological stability with also a clear overview of what knowledge is still missing."
    Cursist werkzaam bij een wateronderzoeksinstituut
  • "Very interesting and good course. I liked the experienced people presenting and the place for discussion and questions."
    Marcelle van der Waals
    KWR Water Research Institute
  • "The built up of the course was good because the presentations continued where the previous one ended. In my opinion, the length of each presentation was long enough to keep up with it and not lose your concentration. Since biostab is a very broad topic it liked that the most common topics were discussed and explained very well."
    Roos Nefs
  • "The course was fun and well organised: the substantive follow-up was well chosen."
    Rik de Vries
    Waterlaboratorium Noord

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