Transients in power systems

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Master lecture serie

During this course you will learn to model components of power systems for transient analyzes using combined elements.

Rapid phenomena caused by switching actions and atmosheric discharges

This course highlights the rapid problems in power systems caused by switching actions and complicated discharges. Some of the relevant topics include circuit breakers, arc circuit interactions, short line faults, possible of small inductive capacitive currents, surprise waves, problematic discharges, simulation of transients and testing of circuit breakers.

The topic is about power system transients. It is divided into a number of sections whose purpose is to introduce students to the basic concepts of switching transients and transient analysis, as well as traveling wave phenomena. The subject also covers current interrupting phenomena and circuit breakers, as well as circuit breaker testing and insulation coordination. To complement this project, additional material on the selection of Ferroresonance and surge arresters is studied. All results are validated by computer simulations in the Electromagnetic Transient Program (EMTP), which is used as a tool for detailed analysis of various cases, such as switching of small inductive and capacitive currents, arc interruption, thermal and dielectric breakdown of the circuit breakers, traveling wave phenomena . Each chapter is also supported by several simplified examples (which can be solved on the board)

After following this course:

  • you are able to model components of energy systems for transient analysis using aggregated elements;
  • can you understand the current interruption process;
  • you have gained insight into testing switchgear in the High Power Lab.

The application of symmetrical components to system errors plays an important role in this. The influence of a lightning strike on the energy system. Special switching actions and the origins of TRVs will also be understood. Various lightning protection solutions are taught and how lightning propagates along lines is also discussed.

This master lecture series is accessible to PAO Technology and Management participants. Regular TU students will also attend the lecture series. The lectures are given in English. Online participation is possible. 

In cooperation with Delft University of Technology.

Course leader

prof. dr. Marjan Popov

TU Delft Faculteit Elektrotechniek, Wiskunde en Informatica (EWI)

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