Control of rotating-field machines

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Master lecture serie

Get to know the advanced control methods of electric drives for the most common types of electric machines.

Advanced motor control methods for IM, SM and (PMBL)DC motors

This university course covers the advanced control methods for the most common types of electric machines and drives: direct current (DC) motors, induction motors (IM), synchronous motors (SM) and permanent magnet brushless DC (PMBLDC) motors.

After a revision of the basic operating principles of electric machines, insight is given into the multilevel structure of the control system. The mathematical modelling of the transient processes is presented using systems of ordinary differential equations (ODE) and the reference‐frame theory (d‐q Park transformation). The models also serve as the basis for high‐performance field‐oriented control methods (FOC).

The motor control theory is accompanied by voltage and current control methods of power electronic converters using pulse‐width modulation (PWM) and space‐vector modulation (SVM) techniques. The electric machines, control systems and power electronic converters are represented as parts of a global dynamic system rather than stand‐alone components, in order to reflect the inherent integrity of an electromechanical system.

Motor control in theory and practice

After completing the course you will:

  • understand the fundamentals of control methods and their role in the hierarchy of global control systems
  • understand the integration and linking of the electric machines and control system theory
  • be able to visualize the role of the electric drive in the global control system
  • be able to compare the performance of the different types of electric drives
  • be able to describe the transient behaviour of electric machines and drives

Intended for

Electrical, mechanical and process engineers (TU/MSc or HBO+/BSc+ with work experience).

Use of a notebook with Matlab/Simulink is compulsory.
The theory and mathematical models are extensively illustrated in the practical assignments within the MATLAB/Simulink environment.

This master lecture series is open to participants from PAO Techniek en Management. TU Eindhoven students will also attend the lectures, which are in English.

In cooperation with Eindhoven University of Technology.

Course leader

prof. dr. Elena Lomonova

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)

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