Electromagnetic compatibility

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During this course you will learn how to design, manufacture, install and use electrical equipment and systems. prevents or eliminates electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Prevent EMI and meet EMC requirements

In this course you will learn how to prevent or solve electromagnetic interference (EMI) in the design, manufacture, installation and use of electrical equipment and systems. And how to ensure that products meet the legal electromagnetic compatibility requirements (EMC).

The complexity and quantity of electronic equipment is increasing. This increases the chance of mutual failures. Troubleshooting, the field of EMC, is a dire necessity. Consider ensuring the reliability of medical equipment, automation and wireless communications.

Since 1996, an EMC directive has been included in European legislation. Electrical and electronic equipment must meet minimum requirements regarding emission and immunity in accordance with the EMC directive. In specific applications, much stricter requirements often apply.

Application of the knowledge and skills of the EMC course

After this course you will have acquired the most important theoretical and practical knowledge of EMC:

  • You know EM field properties.
  • You know what causes and sources of interference there are.
  • You can reduce a multitude of interference problems to fundamental EMC problems.
  • You can prevent and solve EMC problems by taking technically and economically responsible measures.
  • You know how to perform EMC measurements, calculations and experiments.
  • You have studied emission, propagation and susceptibility of interference signals and economic efficiency of EMC solutions.
  • You can make the design process more efficient (at an early stage) and save unnecessary costs.
  • You can apply EMC when installing electronic equipment or systems.


The emphasis in this course is more on providing insight than on providing prescriptions for symptom relief.

Intended for

Engineers who want to prevent or solve EMI during the design, manufacture, installation and use of electrical equipment and systems and those who must meet the legal EMC requirements with their products.

You have an academic or higher vocational education background in electrical engineering, measurement and control technology or physics or an equivalent level of knowledge acquired through experience. No prior knowledge of EMC is required. However, some knowledge in the field of circuit analysis is assumed.

Course leader

dr. Lex van Deursen

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)

This course is rated with an average of


Program manager


  • The latest post-academic knowledge and skills
  • Focused on questions that arise in a technical environment
  • Interactive and directly applicable in practice
  • Top teachers from science, research and business

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  • "Zeer nuttig! De vele demo's en de excursie aan het EMC-lab geven heel veel inzicht en feeling."
    Matthijs Weskin
    HedoN Electronic developments BV
  • "Zeer informatief, wisselend in positieve zin. De cursus blijft interessant ondanks de 'lange' dagen."
    Constantijn Grunder
    G-Tech Energietechniek
  • "Goede cursus. Veel diverse onderwerpen met een mooie mix van academische sprekers en sprekers uit het bedrijfsleven."
    Thales Nederland BV
  • "Geweldige cursus, behandelde veel onderwerpen, gedetailleerde informatie incl. veel demo's"
    Leon Cyliax
    Prodrive Technologies
  • "Het was zo'n geweldige cursus met leuke presentaties en demo's. Geweldig cursusmanagement en industriële tour."
    H.H. Adhena
    University Nottingham
  • "Zeer divers en zeer nuttig. Ik heb veel geleerd, goede dekking van alle aspecten van EMC/EMI."
    Mark Krijzer
  • "Geweldige bron van kennis, die zeker in mijn onderzoek wordt geïmplementeerd."
    Leonardo Marburg
    Universiteit Twente
  • "De cursus was intens en winstgevend. Ik heb veel relevante kennis en praktische ervaring opgedaan. Het gaf me ook de kans tot interactie met personen uit andere industrieën en van andere universiteiten."
    Participant of Universiteit Twente
  • "Interessante cursus die een goed overzicht geeft van EMC en verschillende aspecten die ermee te maken hebben."
    Nationaal Lucht- en Ruimtevaartlaboratorium (NLR)
  • "Erg nuttig. Hands-on demo's en demo's tijdens de lezingen geven een veel dieper begrip."
    Daria Nemashkalo
    Universiteit Twente

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