Project based working in an R&D environment

Heartbeat: the way from idea to business

Projects play a crucial role in environments of product innovation. Projects-based work is the means for an effective product development in an environment with ever-changing technologies and markets. Project-based work is an effective process for the right balance between time to market, functionality and cost.

Purpose and outcome of the training

Based on a solid foundation of ‘industry best practices’ and interaction with the participants, you learn during this two day course how an innovation environment can be organized effectively and what the employee’s own role is. In addition, the training teaches how to organize your own project in both a Technology Development and Product Development environment. It explains how to bring ‘heartbeat’ into the project. Heartbeat brings structure, shows real progress and gives a ‘Framework’ as guidance for its own planning. In addition, the creation of a project plan (TomTom of the project employee) is taught and practiced. Afterwards, you have concrete tools to get started in your own innovation organization.

Target group

The course ‘Project-based work in an R&D environment’ is aimed at professionals who work in a project or who do a project assignment with a small team. Suitable for professionals with academic or HBO level or the same level of knowledge gained through experience.

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  • Information
    The program will be taught in English.
  • Program

    1. What is a 21st century project?
    2. Bringing structure into a project (according to IPMA / ICB4)
    3. Characteristics of a project in the innovation environment
    4. Create a structure in an innovative project, both in a Technology Development and a Product Development environment:

    • Project definition
    • Phasing
    • Technology Gates, Milestones
    • Managing risks, issues and uncertainties
    • Apply ‘Heartbeat’
    • The importance of architecture
    • Making a planning ‘Framework’

    5. Planning and execution (Plan Do Check Act)
    6. Exercise: participants create own plan/planning
    7. Presentation of own plan/planning to the group