Process control: Realisation and implementation of advanced process control systems

Part 4 Process control

Learn to implement and implement advanced control systems in such a way that the risks of product and/or production loss are as small as possible.

This is a module from the Process Control series. You can follow the entire series, but also opt for one or more separate modules. You will learn how to implement the solutions from module 3 in such a way that risks on production stops and production losses are minimized.


  • You will be introduced to, and exercise with a generic method to deal with different types of control hardware (PLC, DCS, MES etc.)
  • In exercises you will be instructed personally by one of our teachers how to implement and adapt a process control system yourself and how to test it.

Who can participate

  • This module is specially aimed at each participant of module 3, who wants to learn actually how to implement advanced control systems in their own production environment.
  • At the request of the participants this course can be taught in Dutch or English.

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