One day workshop Six sigma (online)

Organisations continuously need to develop new products, processes and services to respond to the latest economic developments, preferably first-time-right. Besides the increasing number of innovations the ever changing market demands that existing processes sometimes need to be changed drastically and built up from scratch.

Six sigma is a collection of methods for product, process and service improvements and design. Participants are introduced to the Six sigma method during this workshop. The potential advantages of this method for your business is the starting point of this day. Participants learn to recognise the most important aspects of the methodology and see the relevance for their own organisation.


During the couse, both the DMAIC roadmap, which focusses on enhancements, and the DfSS-IDOV roadmap, which focusses on first-time-right, are treated and practiced by means of several examples. Participants learn the most important principles of the Six sigma methodology: the value of a clear and accurate opportunity- or problem definition, making choices based on facts and controlling/ surpressing the reduction of process variation. Also, the position of Lean in both DMAIC and IDOV will be discussed.

Another aspect of this workshop is the theme Reliability, or product reliability. During this workshop, an overview of the most important aspects of Reliability, such as robustness, managing failure modes, life time modelling and stress testing, will be given. 

Target group

The One day workshop Six sigma is a professional, intensive, one day workshop meant for either senior management and executives who lead the Six sigma programm in a company, or technical/ non-technical management staff (wanting to be) involved in Six sigma initiatives. 

Your level is academic or higher education, or the same level gained through experience.

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  • Information
    Trainer: Dhr. Ir. M. Logger (Holland Innovative)
    Course data: December 20 2020 (Eindhoven)
    Location: Eindhoven
    Price: € 495.00 ex. vat
    In cooperation with: Holland Innovative
    The program can be taught in English on request.