One day workshop Managing the innovation factory

Projects play a crucial role in innovative environments. Projects-based work is the means for an effective product development in an environment with ever-changing technologies and markets. Additionally, most R&D organisations run multiple projects simultaneously. How to go from a web of loose projects to a ‘factory’ of streamlined projects. How, for example, to come to an effective deployment of scarce resources in such a dynamic environment. A Project Management Office (PMO) aims to provide a more transparent and efficient arrangement of a multi-project organisation.

Added value of a Project management office
According to the “Project and Program Management Survey” of KPMG, organisations without a formal project management completed only 6% of their projects in a timely manner. Be aware that the Cost of Delay (COD) in a particular innovative environment is enormous. Organisations with a structured process completed at least 75% of their projects within the set timeframe.

The objective of a Project Management Office is to provide structure and transparency in a multi-project organisation. A properly organised Project Management Office can also coach projects on project management aspects which lead to greater effectiveness. In addition, a PMO ensures that learning outcomes from project evaluations are widely distributed in the project organisation.

Purpose of the training and results
Based on the participants’ interaction and a case study, this one-day workshop teaches how the multi-project organisation in the innovative environment is organised effectively and efficiently and how a PMO can play a substantial role in it. A roadmap for a multistage PMO implementation is given during the training. At the end, you will have concrete tools to implement this in your organisation.

Target group
The One Day Workshop Managing the Innovation Factory is an intensive workshop designed for R&D and engineering managers who want to lead their multi-project organisation optimally, for managers of (starting) PMO’s and processoriented PMO employees.

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  • Information
    The program can be taught in English on request.
  • Program

     What is Innovation?
     The innovation process: Technology and Product Development; New Product Introduction
     The different forms of a multi-project organisation in an innovative environment
     Project and program steering
     Processes in the matrix of innovation
     A roadmap for PMO implementation: “a practical journey”
    – Step 1: Specialists as right-hand of a program manager
    – Step 2: The PMO as staff department for senior management
    – Step 3: The PMO as a valued discipline in the innovative environment
    – Step 4: Innovative processes in the total enterprise; the EPMO, the Enterprise Project Management Office
     Tips and advice:
    – PMO staffing
    – Innovation of innovative processes
    – PPM Tooling
    – Communication
    – Templates and Document management