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Master lecture series: High voltage testing and diagnostics

Testing high voltage equipment and/or asset management

This series of lectures provides insight into the various aspects of testing high-voltage equipment and the value of the results of these tests. Intended for engineers in electrical engineering or physics, who are involved in the testing of high-voltage equipment and/or asset management. 


  • Insulation-coordination: origin, behavior and control of overvoltage
  • Generation of test voltages: alternating current, direct current, surge voltage and other types.
  • Convectional and optical measurement techniques for high voltage and high current
  • Dielectric loss measurements and partial discharge detection. Origins of statistical analysis with Weibull; statistics of the weakest link.
  • Lifetime testing at constant and progressive load and the statistical processing of practical data.
  • Critical review of a used norm.
  • ​Diagnostic tools for lifetime analysis and the use of modern methods for maintenance management.

The masterclasses contains lectures and demonstrations in the high voltage lab.

Intended for

Engineers in electrical engineering or physics who are interested in testing high voltage equipment and/or asset management. 

This master lecture series is open to participants PAO Techniek en Management. Regular students of the TU Delft will attend the lecture series too. The lectures will be taught in English.

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    The program will be taught in English.