Inclusive decision making

Lead inspiring meetings and make actionable decisions

Making a decision is relatively simple.  However, bringing it to a finite conclusion is not so easy. The Dutch desire clarity and autonomy. What is equally important to them is to be heard during the decision making process.  In this course you will learn how to lead inspiring meetings and make decisions, which are owned by everyone.

Work time, to a large extent, is meeting time. The involvement during the decision making process determines the effectiveness of the follow up of the decision. Yet, a growing number of people see meetings as compulsory.  The energy is relatively low, point of views are already known and the decisions are predictable.

A large part of your time is spent in meetings, brain storming sessions and days away from the office.  You want to spend this time effectively and efficiently, with attention given to both your interests and the interests of the other people.  You want to lead as a chair, and at the same time, contribute as a participant.  Your goal is to form active meetings with a clear process; meetings in which participants feel confident enough to share a different opinion and yet, commit to the decisions that have been taken.

How to guide an effective follow up of decisions?

At the end of this module you will:

  • Be able to shape suitable  ways of information sharing, and lead meetings for processes of decision making.
  • Become aware of how you need to actively lead while, at the same time, maintaining distance to facilitate the process.
  • Be able to create a context in which others will feel safe and be able to fulfill their potential.
  • Understand how to influence the energy in the meetings.
  • Gain a clearer eye for resistance and how to implement interventions both verbally and non-verbally.
  • Be able to express your ideas in a robust manner while equally being open to alternatives.
  • Become aware of the effect of your leadership on others.

This course is based on the L&D Architect® of The LMS Group and part of Leadership of Engineers.

Intended for

Managers with extensive experience in leading people.

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