Dealing with the Dutch

Appreciate and benefit more from culture differences

You are a professional in your work, received your credits abroad and accepted a job in The Netherlands. In your current job you need to cooperate with Dutch people who have travelled the world, who are proud to be open-minded and communicate in a direct way. By this course you will better understand the Dutch, supporting you in working professionally together.

What if you perceive some of the Dutch as having a fixed mindset, stubborn and blunt? How come that this behavior is sometimes triggering you? Is it them or you? And if you know, what are the things you’d better adapt in order to do business successfully and where is it probably safe to stick to your own way of working?

You do realize that successful integration and doing business is a two-way street. You therefore are willing to reflect on your personal mindset and behavior, as well as understanding the Dutch better. You like to receive tips and tools to enrich your style of communication in The Netherlands. 

How to be yourself and deal with the Dutch?

As a result of this module:

  • you will better understand the Dutch culture and why they do what they do;
  • you will appreciate and benefit more from differences between cultures;
  • you are aware of potential personal triggers in working with the Dutch and how to deal with this;
  • you are better equipped to deal with some dominant aspects in the Dutch business culture.

This module is based on themes from the 'Learning & Development Architect' of The LMS Group and part of Leadership of Engineers.

Intended for

Technical professionals as well as their people leaders (University, Polytechnic, all subjects).

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  • Information
    Trainer: Dhr. A. Riedstra
    Course data: March 18, 2021
    Price: € 600.00 ex. vat
    The program will be taught in English.