Advanced control systems

Control system solutions for demanding control challenges

Learn how to use advanced control solutions, such as frequency domain tools, filters, feedforward, master-slave, split-range and override control to design, realize and optimize control systems.

Advanced control systems are required when you want to optimize the performance of the automated system. How do you approach this in a systematic way?

Design of advanced control systems

After the course:

• you are able to model the system to be regulated
• you are able to analyze the closed loop system in both time and frequency domain
• you can optimally choose and set control algorithm consisting of PID with filters
• you understand gain scheduling and can apply this
• you are able to apply split range
• you understand override control and you are able to apply this technique

During the course there are exercises on the test system with PLC/Arduino and on simulation models. You can bring data from your own process so that you can practice with it during the course. This way you can directly apply your new knowledge to your owm professional situation.

Intended for

Programmers (PLC, DCS, embedded, etc.), engineers (process, loads, systems, R&D, etc.).

Course Control Systems
Do you need knowledge of control systems in general? In the course Control systems you learn how a control system works and how to apply it in practice, how to design and choose control system components (actuators, sensors, electronics, PID algorithm, feedforward and software) so that the whole functions optimally.

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  • Information
    The program can be taught in English on request.
  • Program

    Day 1 - Analysis of control systems

    • Physical modeling
    • Model linearization
    • Laplace transformation
    • Model identification
    • Analysis in frequency domain
    • PID implementation details
    • Anti-windup

    Day 2 - Gain scheduling and feed forward

    • Filters and their application
    • Tuning filters and PID
    • Exercises Gain scheduling
    • Feedforward
    • Exercises

    Day 3 - Override and split range

    • Self-learning feedforward (Iterative Learning Control)
    • Decoupling
    • Override control
    • Split range control
    • Master-slave control
    • Exercises