Natural organic matter in drinking water

Occurence and removal of NOM for drinking water production

Natural organic matter (NOM or DOC: Dissolved Organic Carbon) concentrations gradually increase in surface water and interfere with treatment processes. In this international course you will learn about the latest developments and innovations in NOM characterisation and removal.

Innovative NOM removal processes are currently being demonstrated in North Sea region (the Netherlands, Belgium, UK and France), in the DOC2C's research project (, like fluidized or suspended ion exchange and in-line coagulation. The insights of these projects are shared with you by those who worked on the projects.

We will also look into the treatment (and re-use) of brine from the ion exchange processes. The course will offer room for and promotes interactive discussion and will be combined with feasibility studies for full-scale application and a visit to Aquatech (both optional).

Learning goals

In this course you will learn:

  • To understand the behaviour of NOM in natural water and the inference of NOM on treatment processes
  • To understand the principles of NOM removal processes such as ion exchange and (advanced) coagulation
  • To understand the possibilities and challenges with regard to brine treatment (and re-use)
  • To be able to use the obtained knowledge in the conceptual design of a drinking water treatment system
  • To evaluate drinking water treatment systems on its feasibility with respect to NOM removal



This course is targeting scientists, engineers, decision makers concerning drinking water treatment in the North Sea region.

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  • Informatie
    Dit programma wordt in het Engels gegeven.
  • Programma

    Preliminary programme 


    Day 1 - location Delft University of Technology

    NOM in water, characteristics, including complexation, and analyses 

    Interference of NOM with water treatment processes

    Removal of NOM through coagulation

    Removal of NOM by ion exchange

    NOM separation from Brine  

    Workshop working on a design


    Day 2 - location Delft  University of Technology

    Continuation of the workshop

    Pitching the results and discussion

    Visit Aquatech (transportation to and from Amsterdam is arranged)


    Day 3 (optional) - location PWNT Andijk

    DOC removal by ion exchange:  Feasibility of ion exchange with coagulation for DOC removal at De Blankaart, Belgium

    DOC removal by coagulation:  Feasibility of in-line coagulation for DOC removal at Andijk III WTW, the Netherlands

    DOC removal impact on membrane performance:  Feasibility of ceramic membrane filtration with optimized DOC removal at the Mayflower WTW, United Kingdom

    DOC removal impact on downstream processes (like advanced oxidation processes; AOP):  Feasibility of UV/AOP with optimized DOC removal at the Andijk III WTW, the Netherlands

    Feasibility of DOC-laden ion exchange brine treatment at the Andijk III WTW, the Netherlands