Webinar Smart urban water infrastructure

Latest monitoring, surveillance and sampling tools in the water utilitities

The use of latest monitoring, surveillance and sampling tools in the water utilities is the requirement of digital water revolution. Drinking water digitization spans from (but not limited to) automation of water treatment and production processes, use of robots for leakage detection to automated sampling of water and flow and pressure control valves within distribution networks. The understanding of the digital applications and their limitations, such as cybersecurity to protect the data and safe water production and distribution, is need of the hour.

In this webinar Professor Zoran Kapelan and Dr. Riccardo Taormina from TU Delft will highlight the knowledge development, application of Artificial Intelligence and will also address the issue of cybersecurity in the water sector. And Dr. Ljiljana Zlatanovic, policy advisor at PWN water company, will share with us her insight on standard policy requirements in the water sector to utilize the smart water solutions and sharing of information with relevant stakeholders. Our speakers will share the real life case studies to provide better understanding of the topic and would like to get feedback from the participants. Hence, a very interactive Q&A session is highly appreciated. 


  • Introduction by Jawairia Ahmad (PAOTM)
  • Scientific developments in the field of smart water infrastructure
    Prof. dr. Zoran Kapelan (TU Delft)
  • Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity in water management - Role of first AI Water Management Lab of TU Delft
    Dr. Riccardo Taormina (TU Delft)
  • Policy/assets management requirements (adapting the smart water infrastructure from water utilities perspective)
    Dr. ir. Ljiljana Zlatanovic (PWN)

Language: this webinar will be given in English.

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