Webinar Microbes in your drinking water

Role of the distribution network and building plumbing in shaping drinking water microbiology

Drinking water treatment and distribution requires considerable energy and resources, in order to provide safe and aesthetically pleasing water at the consumer’s tap. The microbial water quality after the treatment step is usually good enough to be distributed along the distribution network. But how and why do microbes grow in drinking water along the distribution network before water reaches the household? Further, when it enters in buildings, how does the plumbing infrastructure and operation shape the drinking water microbiology that we ultimately consume? These are the questions we are going to discuss in our upcoming webinar, to understand the dynamics of microbial water quality changes along the distribution network and within building plumbing systems and get to know what we actually are drinking from our taps.

Do you want to know the factors that might influence the microbial water quality within your home? And do you want to get acquainted with a few of the microbes, among the millions that are present in you glass of water or your morning shower? Then this webinar is for you.

Both of our speakers will share data and examples from experiments and real case studies to provide better understanding of the topic and we would like to get feedback from the participants. Hence, a very interactive Q&A session is highly appreciated. 


  • Introduction
    Jawairia Ahmad (PAOTM/TU Delft)
  • The role of distribution network in shaping the microbial drinking water quality
    Dr. Emmanuelle Prest (PWNT)
  • How building plumbing shapes our drinking water
    Dr. Frederik Hammes (Eawag)
  • Discussion/Q&A

Language: this webinar will be given in English.