Water management and water treatment

Water professionals need up-to-date knowledge, through continuous education and learning tools, to develop their professional careers and look for new opportunities. The water program of PAO Techniek en Management has been designed with this in mind.

Our water program offers courses on all aspects of the water cycle and consists of four different themes. Such as surface water, drinking water, water in a circular economy and waste water. Each of our courses is part of a broader theme and is connected to other courses in that specific theme. Our courses are composed based on the latest developments, new research and innovation in a specific subject. This helps participants to further develop and update their knowledge. Below you will find an overview of our themes and related courses. Our complete offering within the field of water management and water treatment can be found here, with the individual course pages answering questions such as: what is a specific course about? What am I going to learn? How does it increase my knowledge and how will it help me in my work?

We will also offer webinars (free) with the top experts in their field, in line with our themes within the water program. These webinars address current issues in the water sector, such as surface water quality and climate change, emerging contaminants of concern in surface water, digitization of the water sector and circular water economy.

In addition, they will also elaborate on the above subjects in upcoming interviews. This gives you insight into the issues in the water sector, how they are managed, what resources are needed and how innovative solutions are applied to meet the challenges faced by water boards, drinking water companies, river managers and waste water companies.

The water program includes both Dutch and English courses. The Dutch courses can be found here.


Water management and water treatment consists of: