Mechanical, materials and maritime

The world of mechanical engineering, materials science and maritime technology is changing rapidly and new areas of knowledge are emerging every day. To keep up with these rapid changes, engineers constantly need to update their knowledge and skills to remain competitive in the workplace.

The specialist knowledge of engineers is indispensable for the development of constructions, machines and equipment that are used throughout society. Whether it concerns the design, realization, analysis or maintenance. PAOTM offers practical courses that provide you with the latest knowledge in the field of constructions, connections, mechanical engineering and controlled systems.

We are continuously working on expanding our course program in mechanical engineering, materials science and marine engineering. We identify new trends in the market and provide you with state-of-the-art knowledge and skills. Our top lecturers work at technical universities and leading organizations in the industry. The necessary post-academic theory supplemented with practical examples, exercises and demonstrations, plenty of room for your own input and sharing knowledge with both the teachers and your fellow students, ensures that you go back to work being inspired and provided with knowledge you can apply immediately.

Below you find our current program. The specific course pages answer questions such as: What is a course about? What am I going to learn? How does it increase my knowledge and how will it help me in my work? Exept the courses below you can also orientate on our complete offer that contains adjacent courses in the field of processes, chemical engineering, energy and constructions. Or take a look at our leadership courses.

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Mechanical, materials and maritime consists of: