The transfer of knowledge and expertise is not something we do just by ourselves. Since its establishment, PAO Techniek en Management has had close connections with the technical universities, the Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI) and many beta institutes.

PAO Techniek en Management also works in close cooperation with leading knowledge and research institutions such as TNO, Deltares, COB and SBRCURnet. In addition, we have partnerships with knowledge-intensive companies and authorities such as Rijkswaterstaat.

Besides the corporate partners, we work in cooperation with parties who play a prominent role in knowledge development in specific technical and management disciplines. Obviously, PAOTM works closely with various faculties and knowledge-intensive companies.

Corporate partners

PAOTM has corporate partners which are of strategic importance.

The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI), the Dutch professional association for engineers educated at universities (masters) and technical colleges (bachelors) is a superior network of technical knowledge and acquaintances.

The links with Delft University of Technology are comprehensive and intensive, which make it possible for PAOTM to bring unique knowledge to the market as a regular course or as master lecture series.

With TU/e (Technical University Eindhoven), the university ‘where innovation starts’, we have been collaborating for many years in organising courses and master lecture series.

The University of Twente is represented in the board of PAOTM. High Tech, Human Touch, that’s the University of Twente.

Deltares is an independent institute for applied research in the field of water, subsoil and infrastructure.

Rijkswaterstaat is the implementing organisation of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, and works   on a safe, liveable and accessible Netherlands on a daily basis.

TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that sustainably reinforce the competitiveness of companies and the well-being of society.  

NLingenieurs is the Dutch branch association of consulting, management and engineering firms. The members of NLingenieurs are private companies that supply engineering services.

At De Bouwcampus, various parties work on innovation themes in construction. PAOTM is partner of De Bouwcampus and plays an active participatory role in the collaboration. 

TU Delft
TU Eindhoven
TU Twente
De Bouwcampus