PAO Techniek en Management (PAOTM) is a non-profit organisation, organised as a foundation. The objective of PAOTM is to distribute recently developed knowledge to bachelor and master graduates who work in the extensive field of technology and management.

To develop courses, PAOTM works with programme councils, consisting of specialists in the various technical disciplines. The board of PAOTM is responsible for strategy and policy.










Members of the organisation board: M. (Matthijs) Kok (chairman)
Delft University of Technology A. (André) de Boer
University of Twente

Drs. M. (Micaela) dos Ramos
Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI) E.S.M. (Elphi) Nelissen
TU/e (Technical University Eindhoven)

drs. E. (Ellen) Smit

Prof. dr. ir. S.G.J. (Stefan) Aarninkhof
TU Delft J.K. (Han) Vrijling (resigning 2019)
Horvat & Partners

J.E. (Jacolien) Eijer – de Jong Msc (resigning 2019)