About us

PAO Techniek en Management is an independent platform that combines, summarizes and offers new developed knowledge in the field of technology and management to professionals.

Sustainability, energy problems, traffic jams, earthquakes caused by gas extraction, water safety and nuisance are examples of social problems in which up to date, often new knowledge and skills, can contribute to feasible solutions. In this, interaction between the trainers and our course participants is very valuable as well as specific curiosity to the problem and its solution.

PAO Techniek en Management contributes to the development of our participants to be pioneers in their technical discipline. By doing so, we also help to reinforce the market position of the companies and organisations our participants work for.

PAO Techniek en Management believes in the concept of permanent learning. Learning from lecturers, from daily practice and from each other. PAOTM is eager to anticipate up to date expertise in technology and management. We do so with our prominent trainers and premium expert partners.