5G rollout can continue

Mon 21 September 2020

It is safe to roll out the 5G network that will become available in the Netherlands in the coming years. That says the Health Council, which investigated this at the request of the House of Representatives. However, some things are still unclear. This requires further investigation.

The Health Council calls the report a "first step". There is no answer yet whether 5G actually poses health risks. So this is not the research that will remove all doubts about the safety of the network. The first part of the network has now been activated.

Health effects

The Health Council says that it has not been demonstrated and is also unlikely that 5G can harm health. There is no effect on hormones and no effect on the defense against infections. The Health Council report examines the potential for health damage. The actual risk cannot yet be determined. 5G is still too new for that and therefore information from practice is lacking.

Rollout and additional research

The fact that 5G can now be rolled out is because it partly uses frequencies that have already been researched a lot. "We can say a lot about the frequencies of 3G, 4G and WiFi. 5G uses frequencies in that spectrum to a large extent”, says the Health Council. The Council emphasizes that additional research is needed, including research into the exposure of 5G in practice. It is unknown whether it will be different from the current networks. The council advises to wait with the part of the network that uses a higher radio frequency, the 26 GHz. Relatively little research has been done into the health effects of that frequency band.

Unrest in society

There has been concern about the arrival of 5G for some time. People claim to be affected by radiation from telecom networks and fear that 5G will make this worse. This led to a series of arson attacks earlier this year and an attempt by an activist group to stop the rollout.


Providers are happy with the Health Council's report. They take concerns about radiation seriously and see the report as confirmation that it is safe to roll out 5G. Opponents of 5G believe that you cannot market something that has not yet been properly researched.

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