The presentation booster (online)

More impact, less words

Delivering a message is about having impact. In this modular, online course you will increase your presence and impact through conscious communication by combining scripting, framing and casting.

Through scripting you will write a clear and concise story line, with a structure that strengthens the message that sticks. By framing  you will put the message into the right perspective, offering the audience the right ‘lens’ to look through. With casting you strengthen the message with adequate body language, to stay in contact with your audience.

With this course you will develop incremental skills, based on existing presentation experience. You will use these skills to help consider the impact you want to have on your audience, in terms of what you want people to think about and how you want them to feel.

Impact needs good preparation

At the end of this course you will know how to:

  • Script
    • Write a clear main message that is captured in one sentence
    • Choose a structure that strengthens the message
    • Saying more with fewer words: less is more
  • Frame
    • Offer your audience the right ‘lens’ to look through
    • Get your audience in the right ‘mood’
    • Use language that resonates
  • Cast
    • Distinguish different styles in posture and gesture
    • Recognize our personal most dominant styles
    • Choose a style that fits your story line and main message

Intended for

All people working in a technical environment: professionals as well as managers (HBO or WO, regardless of their study major).

This course is part of Leadership of engineers.

The program is set up in four sessions of 3 hours, spread over two days. Before the program, a personal intake will take place to map out your learning wishes. The content can be provided in Dutch or English.

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  • Information
    The program can be taught in English on request.
  • Program


    • Personal intake
    • Scripting
    • Framing
    • Casting
    • Deliver your own presentation

    The Presentation Booster (online) starts with a personal intake, aiming to fine tune your learning objectives. After the intake, content will be delivered in three sessions. In all sessions, theory will be applied to your personal circumstances. In the final fourth session, you will be invited to practice all lessons learned while delivering your own presentation.
    Between the sessions, homework assignments will be given. They will each take about 30-60 minutes and are meant to rehearse and prepare for the next session.

    Every program has a maximum of nine participants. Depending on the needs, the program will be delivered in Dutch or English.

  • Reviews
    This course is assessed with a 8.0
    “Course with a clear message and practical leads. Therefore directly applicable in my daily work.”
    Loes Bouman (ASML)
    “Through this course I have learned to structure my message even better and to respond to the needs of the audience both during the making and giving of my presentation.”
    Ann Jenkins (Manager Semiconductor industrie)
    “An eye opener, one of the best soft skill courses I've followed.”
    Hans Onvlee (ASML)
    “Online training with impact! The trainers adapt to the needs of the group and stimulate interaction. This strengthens skills and helps to embed new behaviour.”
    Viviane van den Hanenberg (ASML)