Projectmanagement masterclass

More and more is expected from a project manager. Challenging goals, different interest of stakeholders and many dependencies between subprojects ensure increasing complexity. And all that in an environment in which changes and uncertainties have become the standard. Next to that, the creative ability of the knowledge worker has to be of maximum use, which calls for less hierarchical forms of organization and multidisciplinary cooperation. Having project management skills has become important on all levels in the organization.

From controller to influencer
These challenges require more leadership and different behaviour from the project manager. Project management alone is insufficient, to be able to agile deal with changes is the new standard. This masterclass raises the bar even higher. Next to manoeuvrability, the project manager learns how to force changes by himself and to see uncertainties as a friend in stead of an enemy. Being goal-oriented and agile, that is the project manager as an influencer.

Integration with the product creation process
In the project management masterclass a complete overview of the project management profession is guaranteed, based on the international IPMA competence baseline ICB4. A valuable addition to this is the link with the product creation process. Therefore the masterclass is especially suitable for people who work in product or process development and who want to understand how project management is applied in combination with system engineering, quality management, process improvement, supply chain management, et cetera.

A selection of hot topics that are discussed
1. About the power of action. How you can take control with guts, surprise your surroundings and be successful.
2. How Agile is not just a method, but more of a mindset. Learn how you can use Agile in each situation.
3. How you can plan things that are difficult to plan. Do not let yourself be paralyzed by uncertainties or surprised by changes.
4. Cover risks proactively and still keep enough speed in the project? How to combine thinking and doing.
5. How do you manage your team, but especially: how do you manage (as an influencer) your client and your surroundings?
6. How insight in the essence ensures that you can easily combine several project management methods. For example how Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints seamlessly joins Agile project management.
7. How you integrate project management with skills such as system engineering, Six Sigma, FMEA, Fagan Inspections, quality management, testing, HALT.

IPMA-C and IPMA-D level and more than that
This masterclass is based on the IPMA (International Project Management Association) guidelines, which guarantees for an internationally demonstrable quality- and experience level. Afterwards you can take the IPMA exam at level D (starting project manager) or level C (experienced project manager with demonstrable practical experience). However, the masterclass is not limited to IPMA and exceeds the methodical side by putting the student central and zooming in on the essences of project management. That means that Agile, Scrum, Lean, Prince2, PMI and other methods are also discussed.

Target group
The target group is the medior and senior project manager, but in fact, these days every knowledge worker is a bit of a project manager because of their own responsibility for results. That is why the course is also suited for system engineers, buyers, lead engineers, supply chain managers and others who want to work on personal leadership, project management skills and environmental management. The masterclass is also accessible and suitable for people without a technical background.

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    The program can be taught in English on request.