Process control: Advanced process control systems

Part 3 Process control

Production machinery continually require improvements on higher quality, efficiency, carbon foot print and energy use. Process control is an essential ingredient to achieve this. The right choice in control systems is of course of the utmost importance. This course gives the know-how to get-the best of process control system. 

This is a module from the Process Control series. You can follow the entire series, but also opt for one or more separate modules. In this module we will present the more advanced control solutions: we shall zoom in on each of the advanced control solution, what you can achieve with it and how to set it up.


  • You will learn based on the general theory, with case-studies and exercises, how to choose and implement process control systems.
  • You will be introduced into an extensive survey of all possible control systems.

Who can participate?

  • Engineers who want to improve and extend their knowledge on Process Control Systems, and who wish to learn and understand more on the practical issues in implementing these systems.
  • For those who already have an in-depth knowledge and experience on classical control systems, you can participate directly into module 3.
  • If you are not yet interested in the more advanced control systems and want to limit yourself to basic classical control systems you can stay with only module 1 and/or module 2.
  • At the request of the participants this course can be taught in Dutch or English.


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