Personal leadership

Insight into your strengths and pitfalls

Through effective personal leadership you get the best out of yourself, out of your work, and out of others. Being driven by your own values, you achieve attainable goals and maximize the effectiveness of your own qualities. In this course we you will explore your own personal leadership: what you stand for and how to give direction to yourself and your work.

You (may) want to further develop your personal leadership capabilities but the daily work environment can be disorderly and even turbulent at times. Our habits are deeply ingrained. The result can be that at times you are less effective, lose energy, and become irritated.  This can manifest itself both at work as well as in the home.

You realize that you would like to be more effective but you don’t understand yet how. Personal Leadership helps you find insight into your strengths and better understand your pitfalls.  You will learn to recognize and break through your behavior patterns, and thereby build effective professional relationships and stand up for yourself. 

Strengthening your personal leadership even further

At the end of this module you will:

  • Gain a clearer vision of what drives you and what your personal values are.
  • Have a clearer picture of what is important for you in work as well as in your private life.
  • Realize which deeply held beliefs (about yourself and others) influence your behavior.
  • Gain more directions over your own convictions and beliefs.
  • Become more capable to proactively state your priorities.
  • Better understand which circumstances trigger you and lead you to implement less effective behavior.
  • Become able to choose a different type of behavior when necessary.
  • Become better at getting the best out of yourself, your work and others.

This course is based on the L&D Architect® of The LMS Group and part of Leadership of Engineers.

Intended for

Technical professionals as well as supervisors/managers (HBO or WO, regardless of their study major).

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  • Information
    Trainer: Dhr. A. Riedstra
    Course data: January 6, 7, March 2 and 3 2021
    Day format: 1st day 9:00-21:00, other days 9:00-17:30
    Price: € 2,500.00 ex. vat