MATLAB for professionals

Importing, cleaning, analyzing data and sharing insights with others

In this course you will learn how to use MATLAB to solve common problems that engineers and scientists typically face: importing, cleaning, analysing data and sharing insights/results with others. To make the course relevant there will be examples from different domains: Signal Processing, Computer Vision, Optimization, Symbolic Maths and Machine Learning. This course also highlights how Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Electrical Engineers use MATLAB (water management, surveying, transportation).

MATLAB is a commonly used tool that many people learn at university, only to realize that they are using a very small percentage of the tools capabilities. Leverage the over 10 years of working at experience from the trainers with MATLAB on the most common and unused features in MATLAB to enable you to derive insights from your data to help your organization.

In addition to learning MATLAB you will also learn how to work with Python code in MATLAB and how to use MATLAB in Python, as this enables MATLAB workflows to integrate nicely within organization which may not currently use MATLAB.

Use MATLAB to solve common problems

During this course you will learn: 

•    MATLAB Interface and Data Types
•    How to import data into MATLAB (Excel, Images, Audio, Video, Signals, CSV, text)
•    Introduction of Image Processing, Machine Learning, Optimization in MATLAB
•    Customizing plots and charts & create User Interfaces 
•    Share MATLAB code with others 
•    Integrate MATLAB code into other environments namely Python

Intended for

This course is intended for engineers and scientists with some programming experience (Python, R, Java, C, C++, SPSS) and would like to learn how to use MATLAB more effectively. If you already have some MATLAB skills you will solidify your foundations in the MATLAB language which often is not solid from University.

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  • Information
    The program will be taught in English.
  • Program

    Day 1:

    • Introduction and setting expectations
    • Examples of where and how MATLAB is used by Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineers
    • MATLAB Interface
    • MATLAB Data Types
    • Data Processing, Analysis and visualization

    Day 2:

    • Live Editor and Live Task
    • Data Cleaning
    • Algorithm Development:
      • Symbolic Maths
      • Machine Learning
      • Optimization
      • Computer Vision
      • Signal Processing

    Day 3:

    • Visualization
    • Customizing Plots
    • Debugging MATLAB
    • Speeding up MATLAB 
    • Integrating MATLAB into Python
    • Integrating Python into MATLAB

    Day 4:

    • App building in MATLAB
    • Sharing Code
    • Setting up MATLAB Projects
    • Introduction to MATLAB Testing